Skinni Wini (aka Winnie Storey), is a skinny petite rainbow girl who born in Hong Kong and raised on sweet soy milk, funny manga and anime. Pencils and papers are becoming her true friends, since she drew a hand-shaped bird all over her brother's text book at the age of three. Perhaps, that was her first art piece.

Someday in grade school, she got a ruler punishment by her white-out monster drawings on the small wooden desk. Her text books were full of monsters and colorful happy bunnies.

At the age of seven, she designed and hand-drawn her first typeface in art class and set her dream to become a graphic designer.

After she got her BFA in graphic design from San Francisco's California College of the Arts in 2006, she is an interactive graphic designer. Previous full-time experience includes Honest Inc, Curious Pictures, StarDust in New York, and Publicis Asia, Imagi in Hong Kong. For freelance projects please refer to her graphic design portfolio.

She is interested in all kinds of interactive art and design, especially happy, cute and whimsical character design from Japan and Europe. In her spare time she is an alternative comix artist.

During her design practice, she puts her comic inspiration into the practical graphic design field. Her embrace with a smile philosophy, "design with a smile for a better tomorrow," brings humor to the public. By integrating comic culture into the graphic design field, she provides a fantasy world for her audience's nostalgic childhood reminiscences.

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Welcome to my art playground. Here you will find all sorts of art and painting, comic books I am doing through out the years. I never have professional training on art paintings but graphic design. From my graphic design background, I am able to convert my ideas and imaginary friends on to canvas. My goal is to express my vivid imagination through the colorful external world we are living in. Enjoy! For graphic design inquiries please view my graphic design portfolio:

Thank you once again for visiting my digital existence.